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DI Federation of Danish Professional Service Firms

DI Federation of Danish Professional Service Firms was established on October 31st 2007 as a trade association and mouthpiece for more than 700 professional service firms offering different kinds of knowledge and technology consultancy services.

Members of the Federation operate in all sectors of society such as construction, communication, ICT and management consulting, and assist both the public and private sectors. Danish professional service firms create knowledge and bridge the gap between research and business. The consultants are a significant asset to the Danish economy - the industry represented a turnover of approx. DKK 180 billion in 2013.

The Federation is highly dedicated to promoting better framework conditions for its members and to rendering visible the value created by the Danish professional service consultants. Furthermore, one of the aims of the Federation is to expand the market for professional services and to have an influence on the policy making of public-private partnership and public procurement.

DI Federation of Danish Professional Service Firms is a part of the Confederation of Danish Industry which is the premier network organization for Danish business on national and international issues.

Our vision is to become the preferred trade association and premier mouthpiece for Danish professional service firms. 

Our vision will be achieved through four main goals:

Main goals

  • Support the business development of our members
  • Ensure the best regulatory framework for our members
  • Strengthen the visiility and understanding of the value creation of Danish professional service consultants
  • Offer member services of real value

If interested

For more information, please contact the secretariat:

Tel.: +45 3377 4605

E-mail: DIRaadgiverne@di.dk


PUBLICERET: 21-01-2010 OPDATERET: 30-01-2017